How to Be Happy amid Trials

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations,
knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;
and perseverance, character; and character, hope”
(Romans 5:3-4).

How can we be happy amid tribulations? The word tribulation comes from tribulum, which was a piece of wood used to beat and separate the wheat grains from the hay, which is lighter than grain. The knocks in our life leave us grieving, afflicted, crushed, and distressed.

Neither Paul nor the Lord have promised us that we will be free of problems. Nor does the Bible promise we will be freed from the fiery furnace, but it does promise that Someone will be by our side and use this suffering to strengthen our faith, perfect our character, and lead us to testify of God’s power. We do not have to provoke suffering or seek it out, as if this would add merit for us. God is not the originator of pain; He only allows and channels it for His own purpose of eternity.

Possibly no other follower of Christ has suffered so much for the cause of the gospel as Paul. He knew from personal experience what tribulations produces: patience, endurance, and perseverance.

Sinful man sees in suffering a God who is indifferent, distant, and metes out punishment. They do not perceive the hidden meaning. Christ faced pain and injustice with courage and fortitude. The children of God, justified by His grace, rejoice in adversity because they see an opportunity for growth, greater dependence, and powerful testimony. Trials and afflictions which are borne with patience demonstrate that our faith and character are genuine. Faith is made stronger and hope firmer.

Solomon said that gold is purified by fire (Prov. 17:3). We too, are purified amid suffering if we correct our behavior and place our trust in the Lord. An old saying states: “Not all that shines is gold.” Be careful of letting yourself be swayed by appearances, because not everything that seems good or valuable is actually so! Color or shne do not guarantee it will be gold – there is tinsel, a laminate made of copper or brass which is used to make things look like gold.

Fire purifies and places our faith on trial.
Now then, when we are tested, will we also be approved?
Lord, help me to not shine like tinsel,
which seems like gold but is not;
but be like authentic gold.
May Your purpose be accomplished in me
and when my faith is tested, by Your grace may it be approved.

God bless you…