Direct Access

“Through whom also we have access by faith into this grace
in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God”
(Romans 5:2).

There was once a catastrophe in a certain city, and Dr. Victor Peto was leading a group that was providing a service in that community. Along his travels, he crossed paths with the very president of the nation; he held out his hand and told him who he was. The president, without letting go of his hand, thanked him for his work with these words: “I knew that Men of God would be here, they are always the first ones to arrive when people need help.”

Selfless service that is well done always opens doors and provides an opportunity for entry. We live in a society of closed doors and hearts. Borders have strong controls and restrictions; there are regions that are heavily guarded and some even have private surveillance; there are closed neighborhood and condominiums, with homes which are very expensive because, in theory, they are safer. There are services, contracts, keys, cars, devices, documents, and digital fingerprints that open these doors.

Only Paul uses the word “entrance” both here as well as in the book of Ephesians. Other versions of the Bible use the word “access” or “presentation in God’s own presence.” Faith opens the door so we may enter into divine grace. We do not arrive on our own, Jesus takes us by the hand.

It is like a ship entering a port, where floating buoys mark the access canal. Sometimes, because of bad weather, they are covered by the surf andthe canal is not visible. But the maritime pilot knows the depth and the pitfalls and rocks; they know what speed to go and how to guide the ship to enter safely to the desired port. Christ is our “maritime pilot,” who leads our ship to the port of God’s throne.

There are places that are only possible to enter by following a strict dress code. Christ clothed us with the garment of His justice, so we could enter a place for which we had no merit to do so. Sin closed the door for us and removed us from the glory of God. Grace opens the door and takes us to the very glory of God.

The access pass is not temporary, does not have an expiration date, and is nt subject to special visas. We have complete access. We are not taken to the King’s chamber to have an interview, but to be with Him forever.

“The Lord encourages us to lay before Him our wants
and perplexities,
our gratitude and love. Every promise is sure.
Jesus is our Surety and Mediator, and has placed at our command
every resource, that we may have a perfect character”
(In Heavenly Places, p. 18).

God bless you… Remember, Jesus is the only truth, way, and life…