Party at the Cementery

Party at the Cementery

“And you He made alive, who were dead in the trespasses and sins”
– Ephesians 2:1 –

Ephesians 2 is a spectacular chapter; even more so remembering that it was written from prison. Without grumbling he wrote words of hope and encouragemennt. In this chapter, six profound truths highlight God’s love for us:

  1. In the past, without God, we lived far from Him, and we were children of anger: hopeless and aimless in life. We were spiritually dead (vv. 2, 3, 5).
  2. God has found us and given us life in Christ. He forgave our sins because of His immense love and not because of our merits (vv. 4, 5).
  3. We are saved by grace, as a gift from God. Therefore, no one should believe that they have any merit in salvation (vv. 5-9).
  4. Because we are saved, we must do the good deeds that God wants us to practice (v. 10).
  5. We are no longer foreigners, but citizens of God’s kingdom, members of our heavenly Father’s family (vv. 11-19).
  6. All this is only possible because Christ is our only sure Rock of Salvation (vv. 20-22).

Martin Luther is said to have walked through the dense German forests seeking peace, when a strong storm broke out, with lightning, winds, and torrential rain. Thinking he was going to die, he made a vow to God: “If You save me, I will become a priest.”

As he finished his prayer, the sky cleared. Fulfilling his promise, he entered the monastery and became a priest. He fasted, prayed, and whipped himself with whips. But he did not find peace.

One night he learned that the only path was Jesus. He read that God loves us and that He gave us His Son, and that if we confess our sins, He forgives us.

He had a terrible dream that night. Satan showed him a list of all his sins: lies, greed, deception, dishonesty, and anger. Then the devil said to him, “The Bible says that the wages of sin are death. That’s why you are condemned to death.”

Filled with guilt and anguish, Luther saw satan clutching a parchment with his hands. “In the name of Christ, move your hand,” cried Luther. As satan moved his hand, he read, “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses Martin Luther of all sin.”

Like Paul, the Gentiles, and Luther, the enemy accuses us,
but no one needs to remain dead.
God is the only One who can organize a feast in a cementery
and resurrect us from death to an eternal life.

May you be cleansed today, by the precious blood of Christ, our Saviour. God bless you…