One Another

One Another

“Bear one another’s burdens”
– Galatians 6:2 –

Carl F. George said that the phrase “one another” is repeated fifty-nine times in the New Testament. There are also many expressions that refer to harmony, to service, and to good relations with others: “be at peace,” “wash each other’s feet,” “love each other,” “everyone will know that you are My disciples,” “be affectionate,” “have the same care,” “have the same minds,” do not judge one another,” greet each other,” “wait,” “have the same care,” “serve each other with love,” “do not be boastful,” “do not envy,” “support one another,” “be kind and merciful,” “forgive one another,” “submit yourself to one another,” “encourage one another,” “build each other up,” “exhort one another,” “abound in love,” “comfort one another,” “motivate each other to good works,” “do not speak evil,” “do not complain,” “confess your sins,” “pray,” “be of the same mind,” “be compassionate,” “be brotherly,” “be humble,” “be fervent,” “be hospitable,” “serve each other,” and “clothe yourself in humility.”

If we love one another, God will be in us and His love will be perfected in us. Paul added that we should bear one another’s burdens. The believer who is guided by the Holy Spirit thinks of others and seeks to serve them.

Legalists are not interested in carrying burdens; on the contrary, they increase the burdens of others. The Pharisees did that (Matt. 23:4). Legalists are always harder on others than on themselves.

Those who are led by the Holy Spirit
demand more of themselves than of others.

Legalists seek to condemn and hide their sins behind the fallen. Spiritual individuals recognize their sins and seek to restore, like someone who mends a fishing net so that it continues to be useful, or restores a broken bone.

Legalists rejoice when a brother falls, and they show it. Spiritual individuals are saddened, do not compete with the one who erred, and do not seek to look good by making others look bad.

Those who are led by God have a spirit of meekness, love, and humility because they recognize their own weakness; meanwhile, legalists have an attitude of pride and condemnation, since they are “exempt” from sinning.

Legalists do not have the willingness to win over their fallen brother.
Spiritual individuals seek to save because the love of Christ is in their hearts.

Wiersbe said that Mr. William Booth, fouder of the Salvation Army, could not attend a convention and sent the brethren a message in a single word: “Others!” In a popular comic strip, Lucy asks Charlie, “Why are we here?” He replies, “To make others happy.” Then she thinks and asks, “Then why are others here?”

Paul challenged us in the name of the Lord
to bear one another’s burdens.
Some do the work of the accuser;
onther, the work of the Comforter.

Which job are we doing? God bless you…