Your First Work

Your First Work

“Now I, Paul, myself am pleading with you
by the meekness and gentleness of Christ”
– 2 Corinthians 10:1 –

In 2 Corinthians 10, the apostle Paul reminds us that he always behaved as a servant to God and other people. But, once in a while, religious leaders need to show resoluteness and authority.

Three basic teachings are highlighted:

  1. Submitting our life in obedience to God (vv. 2-6). All the Heavenly Father’s sons and daughters should live in obedience and commitment to God’s leading.
  2. Boasting in the Lord. If we have some success, if we do something well, if we stand out in something, the credit is not ours; the credit is always God’s because He gives us the ability to be successful in life.
    Those who praise themselves are not receiving approval, but only the ones who the Lord praises. Success can make us think that we are good, or that we are better than others. We need to be conscious that praising ourselves is a deadly path to pride and arrogance. What is the solution, then?
  3. Living in the light of God’s approval (vv. 14-18). All the honor, credit, all our gratitude and commitment to God, everything we have and are, is thanks to God. This entire path of blessings begins with a profound prayer life. Pastor Luther Gibbs suggests practicing the following alphabet  of prayer:

Adoration. Recognize that we are in the presence of God, who is holy, majestic, and powerful; capable of supplying all needs.
Blessing. Recognize what God has done for us and thank and praise His Name.
Confession. Acknowledging our sins and asking God for forgiveness for those sins. Confession must be both general because of our sinful nature, and specific about the current faults we have committed.
Desire. Recognize our needs and desires and elevate these petitions to God. We should pray for others, but we must also do it for ourselves.

“Consecrate yourself to God in the morning; make this your very first work.
Let your prayer be, ‘Take me, O Lord, as wholly Thine.
I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me today in Thy service.
Abide with me, and let all my work be wrought in Thee.’
This is a daily matter. Each morning consecrate yourself to God
for that day. Surrender all your plans to Him, to be carried out
or given up as His providence shall indicate. Thus day by day
you may be giving your life into the hands of God, and thus
your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ”
(Steps to Christ, p. 70).

Be blessed…