Knowledge with Love

Knowledge with Love

“Now concerning things offered to idols:
We know that we all have knowledge.
Knowledge piffs up, but love edifies”
(1 Corinthians 8:1).

Before entering into the subject of foods sacrificed to idols, the apostle Paul established an essential principle: knowledge fills us with pride, but love strengthens us in the faith. In this way, Paul condemns pride in intellectual knowledge, which leads to contempt toward, and belittlement of, the less educated.

Those who are proud of their knowledge, to the point of looking down on others and ignoring their needs, show that they have not yet learned the principle of true knowledge. Those who are truly learned are humble and modest, and care about others.

In saying this, Paul is affirming that the issue of food “sacrificed” to idols would not be solved by mere knowledge, but by love for one’s neighbor. It so happens that the true Christian knows that and assimilate it; for many, it is difficult to immediately abandon old superstitions and customs. Therefore, it is necessary to have love, patience, and kindness with these people.

In this sense, care must be taken so that the conduct of some, who consider themselves to understand an issue correctly, does not lead others, with less understanding, to conduct themselves errouneously. This is a general principle of Christian behaviour, a golden rule even in minor cases.

Remember: the weak person is the one who must be treated with the most patience and tolerance. Christ died for the strong and the weak; therefore, nothing should be done that makes Christ’s sacrifice for a person fruitless.

There is a misleading idea that everyone has the right to do whatever they want without considering the effect on others. We cannot think like that. Those who have the love of Jesus in their heart do not wish to use their freedom in a way that leads their brethren to stray. On the contrary, they are happy to refrain from privileges and pleasures if that will prevent someone from being discouraged. This is what it means to use knowledge with love.

Using knowledge with love is only possible
to the extend that we are joined
to the Most High and Sublime One.
“The more of heaven there is in our lives,
the less of earth we shall covet”
(Charles Sourgeon).
May it be so. Amen.

Allow yourself to be filled with His Wisom and Love…