Patient, Comforted… Victorious!

“Patient in tribulation”
(Romans 12:12).

In the previous passage, Paul emphasized the gifts given to the church and the joy of hope. Now, immediately, the contrast of those who are “patient in tribulation.” Paul repeated this subject a lot. He himself suffered all his life with health problems, so he recommended that we be patient, enduring, and persevering, because sooner or later, the divine purposes will be fulfilled.

A mother, just twenty-six years old, stood by the bed of her little boy, who was living the last moments of his life. He was only six, and would not have the opportunity to grow up and achieve his dreams, so his mother did everything she could to make at least one of those a reality. Holding her son’s hand tightly she asked, “Billy, what would you like to be when you grow up?” Whithout hesitation, the boy said, “I always wanted to be a firefighter.”

The mother quickly made the arrangements. She went to the fire station in Phoenix (Arizona, United States) and found a very kind firefighter named Bob. She explained his son’s situation to him and asked wheter, as a last wish, they could give him a ride in the fire truck. Smiling, Bob offered to do more than that: they would make him an honorary firefighter an entire day, have him with them at the station, eat together, answer calls, and go out to take care of emergencies. They would even make a uniform for him.

Three days later, firefighter Bob visited Billy and gave him his new uniform. Then they took him from the hospital to the fire station in the fire truck. Three incidents took place that day, and Billy was there for each of them.

After this show of affection, Billy improved and lived three months longer than the estimated in the medical prognosis. One night, his vitals began to fall dramatically. The whole family was there with him and they had the idea to call the fire brigade.

The commander decided to go with the fire truck and, in front of the hospital window, they sounded the siren and turned on the lights. With the ladder extended to the window, sixteen firefighters climbed swiftly to his room. With his last strenght, Billy asked the commander if he had been a good firefighter. “Yes,” he replied, “you were one of the best!” With a smile, Billy closed his eyes and did not open them again. 

Whatever your tribulations may be, you can go to the “fire station”
of the universe. The Commander will surround you with all His resources,
and at the right time and in the right way, your struggles will be conquered.
While being patient, not only will you be comforted;
you will also find the strenght to come out victorious.
God always fulfills His dreams.
Surrender yourself into His arms today.

God bless you!