A Fair Judgment

“But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth
against those who practice such things”
(Romans 2:2).

One day, while in a city, we passed by the Ministry of Justice and I heard someone refer to this public building as “the Ministry of Injustice.” This is something that trends to happen naturally in the popular collective imagination. Human beings have gone so far away from God’s path, that many of their actions reflect their misconduct, their lack of values, fulfilling the expression found in Isaiah that human righteousness is stained “like filthy rags” (Isa. 64:6).

In contrast to what happens in the world, Paul says that God’s judgment will not  be based on assumptions, deceit, fraudulent evidence, or false testimony; but according to truth.

God’s judgment is universal. It is for all and at the same time for each one, whether they are Jew or Gentile, believer or non-believer.

God’s judgment will be unbiased, since all will be judged on the same basis: a yard will measure thirty-six inches for everyone.

God’s judgment is not optional. It is unavoidable; there are no routes of escape, no shortcuts, no exits from the sides or the back, no special arrangements, and no valid excuses.

God’s judgment will take into consideration the knowledge of God’s will acquired by people, as well as the opportunities they were offered and took advantage of to understand and practice God’s message.

The judgment is inevitable, but God’s love is incomparable. He has created us in His image with free will, with the capacity to choose. It is when misuse freedom, as we separate from God, that we create this world of sin and its consequences. The Lord did not come to condemn, but to save. When they yelled, “He saved others; Himself He cannot save” (Matt. 27:42), they were telling the truth.

Christ did not com to save Himself; He came to save us! The judgment will provide evidence that people’s actions in life will show acceptance for God’s plan, of of His love and His sacrifice, because “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1).

Let us listen to the Lord’s call, and then reflect and act: “What shall I say to arouse the remnant people of God? I was shown that dreadful scenes are before us; satan and his angels are bringing all their powers to bear upon God’s people. He knows that if they sleep a little longer, he is sure of them, for their destruction is certain. I warn all who profess thet name of Christ to closely examine themselves. and make full and thorough confession of all their wrongs, that they may go beforehand to judgment, and that the recording angel may write pardon opposite their names” (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 263).

God bless you, let us be sober and vigilant…