What is a Tear?

“I served the Lord with great humility and with tears”
(Acts 20:19).

  • If we ask chemists what a tear is, they will tell us that it is an aquenous solution composed of sodium chlorate and other chemicals.
  • If we ask Stoic, he will tell us it is a sign of weakness.
  • For her part, a physiologist will answer that it is a lubricating liquid to keep the eyes moist.
  • If we were to talk to Epicureans, they would tell us that it means nothing, and recommend for us to eat, drink, and enjoy life, because tomorrow we will die.

Weather we consult one or the other, the reality is that tears exist, and although not all express anguish or pain, many of them tell us about a wounded heart, a broken home, ill health, a resourse that is lacking, or the irreparable loss of a loved one.

Jesus wept as He saw humanity scattered like sheep without a shepherd. Paul also shed tears; in fact, he served the Lord with tears. Although he faced many personal difficulties, the apostle is not seen shedding tears over his own suffering. However, he does so because he is persecuted and faces strong opposition to the preaching of the gospel (Acts 20:19) and because he is worried about people who need to accept God’s message and be converted (v. 31).

Throughout his life, Paul gave himself up completely to serve the Lord and the church. And he wept, but not because of the wounds and contempt he had received as a servant and slave for Christ. He wept for his Jewish brethren who rejected salvation. He grieved for the stones they placed in the path of truth. He felt pain for all those who were lost. He was saddened by the harshness of human hearts. He himself would advise years later not to suffer as result of bad choises and actions, and he encouraged believers not to be ashamed of suffering for the cause of Christ but, rather, to give thanks, give glory to God, and move forward.

Let us follow Paul’s example: Preaching repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. He met with men at their homes and besought them with tears, declaring unto them the whole counsel of God.

Psalm 126:6 says:
“He who continually goes forth
weeping, bearing seed for sowing,
shall doubtless come again rejoicing,
bringing his sheaves with him.”

Are you shedding tears for the salvation
of those who suffer
and so that the gospel can reach everyone?

God bless you today!