Psalms 107:1 (KJV)

The Word Says:
“O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

Verse Thoughts:
This lovely psalm explodes into a song of thanksgiving to God, because His mercy and love endures forever. But it is a psalm which, verse by verse, continues to build up to a crescendo of grateful thanks as it lists the many things that God has done for His people, Israel, and the many ways that He has responded to their cry for help. Although this is a psalm that lists the many ways that God responded to their needs and sheltered them from their enemies, it also targets in on the truth of God’s steadfast love.

God redeemed Israel from their enemies. He heard and responded to their cries when they were alone in the wilderness or far away from their home and loved ones. He fed them when hungry, gave them drink when they were thirsty, and refreshed their weary souls when their hearts were fainting. He responded to their cries and poured out gracious goodness to them, even when they rebelled against the Word of the Lord or proudly forged-out their own pathway.

In this beautiful song of praise, Israel recognised that the goodness of God was not dependent on them but on His everlasting faithfulness – His eternal grace – His loving kindness, which is never-ending. They understood that the Lord hears every cry of their heart and that He alone responds to their pleas and brings them through their troubles and trials.

This is not only a psalm of the past that celebrates Israel’s grateful thanks to their faithful God Whose steadfast love endured forever, but it is a hymn of praise for the present, it is a song of thanksgiving that the Church age can chorus with equal gusto and grateful hearts. Not only does this lovely psalm explode into a song of thanksgiving, but concludes with the pronouncement that all who are wise will see that God’s steadfast love toward Israel is the same faithful love, yesterday, today, and forever.

It was Paul who encouraged us to give thanks in everything – so let our hearts and voices explode into a great hymn of praise and thanksgiving to the LORD, for He is good and His steadfast love endures forever, for His faithfulness extends throughout time and into the far reaches of eternity.